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How To Build

If you don't have a greenhouse, we will tell you how to build one and what tools to use. In case you already have one, we will tell you how to improve protection from wind, rains, and cold weather.


The main purpose of a greenhouse is to increase control over growing processes. We will show you the necessary skills and techniques to manage day length, temperature. moisture and irrigation.


Greenhouse gardening is quite different from outdoor gardening. We will give you the necessary knowledge and skills, so you will be able to take your gardening game to the next level.

Top Vegetables To Grow In A Greenhouse
Leafy Greens

This includes lettuce. Also known as "salad family", is a nice and easy option to grow for beginners.


You can grow different colors and sizes. Fairly easy to grow and handle, takes 65 days to harvest. A great plant to put in your salads, soups, and home-made sauces.


This vegetable needs slightly more effort to grow if you compare it with growing tomatoes. But this tasty, yet low-calorie vegetable worth it.


You can grow a large variety of peppers. Including the one, you can use as a seasoning, such as chilies. Harvest for 70 days, receive amazing flavor 365 days a year.

Advantages Of Greenhouses
Grow In Any Weather

Protecting your garden from bad weather can be challenging sometimes. Greenhouses get you covered (literally).

Wide Variety

Creating an optimum growing environment will allow you to grow a variety of plants out of season. You will also have the opportunity to grow exotic fruits and vegetables that don't grow in your area.


If you build your greenhouse the right way, it will protect your garden from moles, squirrels, deers, and insects.

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